Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bridesmaids - Movie Review

Lillian (Maya Rudolph) and Annie (Kristen Wiig) are best friends and when Lillian gets engaged, she asks Annie to be her maid of honour. She accepts, though her own life is falling apart - she lost her bakery, her boyfriend, shares an apartment with super creepy British siblings, and is now in a relationship that is going nowhere. Suddenly Annie is thrown together with a bunch of women she doesn't know and is instantly threatened by Lillian's new best friend, Helen, who is everything she is not - rich, confidant, sophisticated. They try to one-up each other which results in some pretty hilarious scenes.

I really enjoyed this movie - I was a bit apprehensive since Judd Apatow was producing it and he is known for more crude jokes and movies, such as Knocked Up. Not that Bridesmaid is without it's share of gross jokes, no doubt thrown in to attract males audiences, but the story itself is smart and Kristen Wiig did and amazing job (She's my current favorite on SNL!). Bridesmaid really shows the strength of friendships and how easily they can turn sour. Described as The Hangover for women, Bridesmaids certainly delivers. I definitely recommend this movie, though don't bring your parents along!

Bridesmaids comes out in theaters this Friday, May 13.

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