Saturday, January 22, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant - Product Review

I guess it's about time I post a review about the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Smartphone! I was lucky enough to receive this phone through the Samsung Mob!ilers program back in August of last year and have used it for four months. This was my first smartphone so I was pretty excited to try it out. I must say, I was very impressed! It has a gorgeous 4" Super AMOLED touchscreen (yes, muuuuch nicer than the iPhone!) and 1 Ghz hummingbird processor that made any downloading apps, watching videos and browsing really fast. It was using Android 2.1 as the OS (but now 2.2 is out for download). You can take pictures and videos with the camera and the photos turn out beautifully when you have good lighting.

The things I loved about the Vibrant:
- The phone is thin and light
- Beautiful screen
- 5.0 MP camera, touch to focus
- SWYPE (made texting so much faster!)
- Live wallpapers (very cool)
- Excellent for browsing and watching videos
- Easy to share pictures and videos through social media sites
- Front facing camera for video calling (or self portraits!)

Things I did not like:
- No flash for the camera so made taking pictures and videos in the dark harder
- Battery life - it has a very poor battery life, so I recommend bringing your charger with you

All in all, the Galaxy S Vibrant is an awesome phone. There were a few problems when it first launched, but the 2.2 OS has eliminated almost all of them (hurray!). Speaking as a regular consumer who likes playing with new tech gadgets but not being a particularly tech savvy, I would have to say I choose the Vibrant over the iPhone 4. Sorry, Steve Jobs. Samsung also has a couple other phones out in their Galaxy S line (Captivate & Fascinate) on different carriers. There are a lot of offers going on for these phones so go check them out in stores!

I'm hoping to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab soon...anyone want to give me one? *wink, wink*

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