Sunday, December 12, 2010

'Tis the Season...

Now that Christmas is almost upon us, have you finished your Christmas shopping? There are sales left and right at the mall, but make sure you know your prices before you buy anything. A lot of times, stores will put out a "sale" price when it's actually the original price of the item, or only slightly discounted. For me, I'm looking ahead to BOXING DAY. That's when all the good sales are to be had! Scope out your favorite stores now to see what you want and could possibly get on Boxing Day for 50%+ off! Check online for early  Boxing Day flyers so you can plan your shopping trip that day. Also think ahead and try to pick up some gifts for later on in the year, like birthday presents or housewarming gifts!

Also places like Craigslist has a lot of new items being sold that you can buy as gifts (mostly people trying to get rid of gifts they don't need/want, so they are still in the original packaging). I haven't bought anything myself through Craigslist, but I've definitely sold a lot of brand new things!

The malls are packed so better go now before it gets even closer to Christmas! The malls also have extended hours starting soon, and some places (like Walmart and Superstore) are open 24 hours! Good luck everyone on their Christmas shopping!

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