Monday, August 23, 2010

Lady Gaga Concert @ GM Place

My sister was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to Lady Gaga tonight, so off we went to pick them up at 6pm. The line was LONG but it was cool to see a lot of people dressed up in their favorite Gaga costume. We found out we had floor seats (groan) so we went down at 7:30. We were hoping for an actual seat so we could enjoy and take good pics, but I guess no luck. There was so much pushing and arms getting in their way of my shots.

But enough about that. The show was a spectacle, as expected. Semi Precious Weapons opened for Lady Gaga, lots of swearing and hard rock and roll. Then pandemonium when Lady Gaga came on stage at 9. She sang a bunch of songs including hits Pokerface, Papparzzi and Bad Romance. The costumes were crazy and amazing as expected. I'll post pictures tomorrow. The sets were cool and a fan got a special treat when Lady Gaga called her, then invited her and her friends to meet her after the show! Great concert, aside from the pushing and drunk (?) girl next to me!

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