Tuesday, February 24, 2009


midterms are done, now it's projects and papers and assignments galore. textbook readings are piling up and i still have to start my paper. field work is (hopefully) finished for bio 448 but now i have to collect data for 405. zomg. so tired. i really need to get to bed earlier.

finished reading another michael crichton book, the great train robbery. really good, very historical though. i want to watch the movie now! and congo and disclosure and any other movies based on crichton's books.

wanted to go to lougheed to shop at london drugs and walmart today but i signed up for a study a while back and it's from 1-3, so have to stay in. boo. i'll have to go tomorrow i guess. no more waffle sale! boohoo!

here's another referal link for getting prizes:

Search & Win

next up, a blog post about the new hydralicious herbal essences shampoo and conditioner!

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